Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Voice of the Great Nation: U T'aan Noj Kaaj

31 Lucky Street (@ 24th Mission st)
The Mission, SF

This mural is dedicated to the nations in resistance, in struggle, willing to defend their lands, traditions, ceremonies and people.

Here are represented some specific nations: Tribes that live in the shores of OMO river, in Africa; jornaleros, sons of the corn who work the land, listen to it and take care of it; women who fight for equality and freedom.


A wise old women who represents the past; two little kids dressed up as animals, they represent the future; the zapatistas and Yonomami.

The mayan word: U T'aan Noj Kaaj means The Voice of the great Nation, la Voz del Gran Pueblo.
Special thanks to my friends Jose, Evelyn, Gato and Liova who helped me in the process.

This was completed my last week in San Francisco in March 2013.

Detail photographs by Andy Mogg

Thank you for reading and dont forget to stop by the Alley if you are in the Mission!

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