Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ceremonia del Agua // Water Ceremony

The Water Secretariat of Mexico City launched a mural contest this past November 2013. They called it HidroArte and picked 30 artists to cover with water-related murals their installations and offices. 

My friend, the graphic artists Lorely Flores and I presented the sketch: Water Ceremony. Our concept is about the water cycle and how our ancestors made ceremonies and prayers for this cycle to continue and never end... to preserve life on Earth.  

 SACMEX lanzó una convocatoria llamada HidroArte para que 30 artistas adornaran sus instalaciones con murales cuyo tema principal sería el agua.
 La artista plástica Lorely Flores y yo participamos como Las Axolotas con el boceto: Ceremonia del Agua.

Nuestro concepto es sobre el ciclo del agua y las ceremonias que nuestros ancestros realizaban para que este ciclo nunca acabara... para preservar la vida en la Tierra. 

Our idea was to take the concept and tell it with a fable. 
We thought animals are honest and more playful to look at.  
 Como los animales son creaturas honestas tomamos el concepto
 y lo contamos con una divertida fábula.

The animals we picked are native to this lands: the Deer, the Hare, the Jaguar, the Xolo, a Coyote, the Armadillo, the Axolote, a Possum, the Wild Boar...
The fire, peyote, the smoking pipe and other elements are portrayed in our mural...

Los animales que escogimos son nativos de la región, el Venado, la Liebre, el Jaguar, el Xolo, el Coyote, el Armadillo, el Ajolote, el Tlacuache, un Jabalí...
Y no podían faltar otros elementos como el fuego, la pipa de la paz, el peyote y más cactus...

 ...some details...

We are Las Axolotas and you can vote for your favorite 5 designs here:

 Somos Las Axolotas y en esta liga se puede votar por 
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it....

Catwoman: You're catnip to a girl like me. Handsome, dazed, and to die for.
Batman: Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.
Catwoman: But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it. You're the second man who killed me this week, but I've got seven lives left.
Batman: I tried to save you.
Catwoman: Seems like every woman you try to save ends up dead... or deeply resentful. Maybe you should retire. 

When I was a kid I would ask my dad to rent Batman Returns over and over... I guess liked the darkness of the characters...