Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sketchy: The sketchbook show

is proud to announce their newest show, Sketchy, open to the general public on Friday, September the 13th from 18:00 - 21:00.

"In this show, we are lucky enough to be provided with over 20 sketchbooks from various artists from around the world – ranging from Mexico to Germany, USA to Norway, the UK, Canada, and many more."

"For these artists art isn’t a career or a hobby – it is a visual obsession that travels through the veins from the brain, to the heart and through the fingertips as they pour their lives through the filter of their creative process."- Liz Ramsey

Sterling Hundley, Mingjue Chen, Robert Chew, Scott Waters, Emmanuel Dinardi, Martin Mauseth Hvattum, and many more will be in the show.... 

Since I was invited to be part of the exhibit I shipped to Norway one of my San Francisco graphic diaries, a sketchbook full of memories....
If you are in the Olso area, don't miss this great exhibit,
you might find a wonderful treasure in the pages of these sketchbooks!