Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A tribute to the city

Here is the process of a mural I was commissioned to do inside a building on 2nd street and Market.

Before leaving San Francisco I had to pay tribute to the city of cable cars, where I learned openness and to embrace the bizarre.

In San Fran I met great friends, mentors and was taught to see beauty in the little details... I am proud to say I got the chance to draw the secret corners of the city, the ones that not many people pays attention to (thanx to Bill Sanchez).

If you are around 2nd street stop by the number 28 and lemme know what you think!

"The City of Cable Cars"
With special thanxs to José, my friend who helped me along the way and puts up with my craze. 
San Pancho, Califaz

Monday, March 18, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chiles al óleo...

Tomorrow, March 3rd is the last day for the exhibit Pop-Up Spicy Mexican Design!

If you didn't have the chance to stop by here is a promotional video showing the artworks of all the designers and a brief explanation by illustrator Ana Aranda.

Here we have as well some pictures of the opening by our friends of Babylon's Train, photos by Jazmin Morelos and Xaúl Reyes:

 And other pieces I developed:

 ¨Tres compadres¨, oil on canvass
 ¨Chile, chilito, sazona mi alma¨, oil on panel

¨Los chiles de José¨, paper mache

Thanx for stopping by!