Saturday, April 6, 2013

MUJAM: Intervention / Intervención

El Museo del Juguete Antiguo México celebra su 5o aniversario con actividades durante el mes de Abril.

En estas fechas voy a colaborar con MUJAM como artista invitada interviniendo sus redes sociales. No se olviden de visitar su Facebook y Twitter.

Del 26 al 30 estaré en el Foro MUJAM haciendo un mural, si están cerca de Dr.Olvera #15 Col. Doctores, pásenle a celebrar con nosotros!

Here it comes, the band of toys!

The Antique Toy Museum in México will be celebrating its 5th anniversary with various activities from April 26th til April 30th.

During these time I will be collaborating with the Museum as a guest artists making an intervention in their social media: Facebook, Twitter and making a mural in their forum!

Should be fun and soon will be posting photographs of the process!!!!

Enjoy and thanx for the visit!
missing my family from another country


  1. YUP!!!!!

    Let's see how that goes, Im excited!!!! woooh!!!