Friday, October 26, 2012


Since ancient times, many mesoamerican and south american cultures celebrated on a specific day the memory of family members who passed away and left this world. This was mainly to keep them alive in their minds.
The Aztecs had a special conception of the after life, they had different layers of Upper and Lower worlds were, depending on the way a person dies, they will remain for eternity.

If a person were to die drown or struck by lightning you would go to the Tlalocan, the place of the Lord of the Rain: Tlaloc.

Calixto Robles invited a group of artists to participate on the 5th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibit at Puerto Alegre.

Come join us for a special celebration on Tuesday October 30th from 3pm til 5pm!  



  1. SO awesome!! I LOVE your piece! Wish I could see the whole show! :)

    1. Thaaanx K! It will run until December! We could go eat there and enjoy the whole show!!!

  2. Ya let's do it!! I'm glad it will be up while I'm there!