Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Legendary Clarion Alley

 In the heart of the Mission District, this alley has been for over 20 years the passageway that takes pedestrians for a trip though colorful, mesmerizing street art.

The Clarion Alley Mural Project was created in 1992 by the CAMP group and it's been a space were artists share and express their take on social issues through images and graffitti.

This past Saturday, October 20th was the big celebration of it's 20th anniversary: the Clarion Alley Block Party 2012.

Ana Aranda and myself were invited to collaborate and we did a live painting mural during the event!

Don't forget to stop by and take a picture with DIVERSIDAD, a piece inspired by nature, animals, totems and living in harmony!


For more info about the Alley check:  



  1. I love your idea how you made tree branches as hands and animals are like puppets. simply awesome!^^

  2. Thank you guys for the comments!

    I am glad you liked the concept! It is always nice to work with my friend Anaranda, we have similar ways of dreaming!