Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 "Traditional people, and I think the people of the Paleolithic had, very probably, two concepts that change our vision of the world. The concept of fluidity and the concept of permeability.

Fluidity means the categories that we have, man, woman, horse, tree, etc., can shift. A tree may speak. A man can get transformed into an animal and the other way around, given certain circumstances. 

The concept of permeability is that there are no barriers, so to speak, between the world where we are and the world of spirits. A shaman, for example, can send his or her spirit to the world of the supernatural or can receive the visit of supernatural spirits. When you put those two concepts together, you realize how different life must have been for those people from the way we live now"

"Humans have been described in so many ways and for a while it was Homo-Sapiens, and it is still called Homo-Sapiens "the man who knows". I don't think is a good definition at all. We don't know much. I would think Homo-Spiritualis"

- Jean Clottes, french prehistorian


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