Friday, February 8, 2013


"El mercado de Celso"
 "Celso's market"

Inspired by the traditional mexican markets, their "churrigueresque" folklore, visual spiciness and chaotic ways, Ana Aranda and I worked on this mural full-time for over 2 weeks, plus a third one on-and-off for the details. 

It took us several sessions to get to the concept, visual idea, research and preparation before getting our hands all over the acrylic paints. 

The scene revolves around a crazy universe where the chiles, fruits and vegetables run for their lives before Celso, the market owner, sells them to affable characters!

Here is the process... 

A big thank you to Christopher who helped us along the journey and kept on cheering us up!

Come visit the fresh and fun exhibit that runs until March 8th (532 Folsom St, Gallery at the Mexican Consulate) and tell us what you think!

A big hug to all the friends who came to the opening, we appreciate your presence!

Time to grocery shop!


  1. That's so cool! if only i was home, i would have loved to see your mural in the opening show. Really nice projects you've been doing :D

  2. that was a good looking show Chipi:D

  3. this is so adorable, i love it! the colors are wonderful :)

  4. Thaank you guys! The exhibit was a lot of work but i am happy everybody enjoyed it!!!!! Jamie, will you come to SF soon?