Monday, August 1, 2011

Woollen fibers!

I had fun doing this!

The little friends are sponsored by NEIKO!!!!!!! Visit her blog:

Frisco Seagull                                     Désirez-vous boire du vin rouge?

                                  Fish girl                                                        A Tycoon
One strange Owl ball

Sorry for the bad pictures... my camera is old and it wouldn't focus properly...


  1. these are pretty cool, my favorite is the fish girl and the business rat, the monocle was a nice touch.

  2. i really want to learn how to do this, can you teach me ~!!

  3. haha. Chibi, thanks for the promotion!
    and i am SO GLAD that you love it!!! and thanks for the big bird! he is so cute! i love him so much and i will take care of him. dont worry! haha