Wednesday, November 24, 2010

she lingers in my subconscious

When my sister saw this spot illustration she told me she identified herself with the dragon...

She looks like this: couch potato, pop corns in had and a lost look when she's watching mind-numb TV shows... (hehehehe jk)

I guess she lingers in the back of my head and comes out whenever I'm doing in-class exercises...

- I miss my essence Y_Y

(D'you guys think I should add background color and shadow underneath?I guess I should -_- )


  1. this is very cute! I think just a tiny little shadow underneath would be good, no need for a background

  2. I love this, I want to hug him so cute!

    I think a shadow would be good but I like it the way it is.. I guess I am not being helpful at all lol

  3. Looks great. Maybe not shadow, but maybe something to indicate the environment where it is hanging out in. Like a remote or a little t.v at his/her feet. Or a little shadow to ground the dragon would be just fine. Good job Chibby.